Cold-Smoked lake trout carpaccio€ 19,00
Chopping Board Valtellina€ 16,00

“Formaggio nostrano” a selection of ONLY LOCAL CHEESES with a side of honey
Right for 2 people


Chopping Board Piacenza and Bergamo€ 16,00

A selection of delicious ONLY COLD CUTS from the Bergamo, Parma and Piacenza regions
Right for 2 people

(1, 7)

Mixed Chopping Board€ 18,00

A mix selection of cold cuts and local cheeses
Right for 2 people

(1, 7)

Big Mixed Chopping Board x4€ 32,00

A large mix of cold cuts and local cheeses
Right for 4 people

(1, 7)

Burrata di Andria€ 18,00


Burratina di Andria IGP accompanied by Pachino cherry tomatoes and green salad.

Pasta and Soup

Spaghetti "Seafood Carbonara"€ 18,00

Chitarra Spaghetti with prawns and Carbonara sauce

(1, 3, 14,7)

Pasta "Unity of Italy"€ 19,00

Pasta with Sicilian pistachio pesto and pork fray coppa ham from Piacenza


Kids Pasta€ 10,00

topped with tomato or oil

Rise Cacio e Pepe with Orange and Mint19

(For at least 2 people) Carnaroli delta del Po rice aged 18 months, delicate sardinian pecorino, black pepper from Madagascar, dried Calabrian oranges reduced to powder, with mint jelly.


Duck chest€ 27,00

with pink onion sweet-and-sour

(6, 8)

"Lamb shank" with orange fennel€ 25,00

Baked in the oven

Lake fish Fario fillet€ 26,00

Brown  trout lake grilled fillet with courgettes, carrots and red onion.

Sliced beef27

With baked potatoes  or with rocket salad and parmesan

Parmigiana di Lago23

Lake Rainbow Trout , tomatoes, Parmigiano Reggiano, breadcrumbs, almond, butter.


Francesco's octopus on a bed of chickpea humus with saffron€ 22,00

cooked at low temperature (14)

Mix of stir-fried vegetables€ 7,00
Potatoes (baked)€ 6,00
Salad€ 5,00

only green leaf

Mixed salad€ 7,00

Mixed salad with tomato, carrot and cucumber

BIG mixed salad€ 10,00

A big mixed salad with tomato, carrot and cucumber

Brownies and chocolate mousse with orange crème anglaise€ 9,00
Zuppa Inglese€ 8,00

with candied ginger ( 1, 3, 7, )

The homemade Tiramisù€ 8,00



White Wine



Red Wine

Brunello di Montalcino “Vecchie Vigne” Siro Pacenti 2017bottle € 139,00

Toscana Montalcino (Sangiovese)

Amarone della Valpolicella Fracastoro - Villabella Riserva 2012bottle € 89,00

Veneto ( Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone)

"ORMA"2019 toscana IGT Cantina Orma SUPERTUSCANbottle € 129,00

Toscana, Castagneto Carducci (Merlot, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon)

Sforzato 2013 (Nebbiolo ) Cantina Menegolabottle € 79,00

Lombardia –  Valtellina

Brunello di Montalcino “Pelagrilli” Siro Pacenti 2017bottle € 89,00

Toscana Montalcino (Sangiovese)

Barbaresco “Bricco di Neive Riserva” Dante Rivetti DOCG 2017bottle € 69,00


"ORENO"2019 toscana IGT Tenute Sette Ponti SUPERTUSCANbottle € 129,00

Toscana, (Merlot,Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot. Petit Vernot)

Sassella Riserva Menegola Docg 2018bottle € 99,00

Lombardia, Valtellina (Nebbiolo)

Dessert Wine


Double Single Hop APA – 7,7 – IBU 50

Beer characterized by a single hop, Simcoe hops, coming from the Yakima Valley. Used in repeated infusions, from the beginning of boiling up to the Whirlpool and still in dry hopping: a true protagonist.
Almost orange color and compact and persistent foam, presents an intense aroma of resins and tropical fruit, with a good body and a firm bitter but not too persistent.
With its 7,7 ° dangerously hidden by an intense aroma of Simcoe, it is powerful as a herd of bison and brings closer to heaven, it causes mystical visions: a great spirit.

LakeUp€ 7,00
  • Stile: German Pils
  • Colore: giallo paglierino
  • Grado alcolico: 4,5
  • IBU: 14
  • Peculiarità: bassa fermentazione

Birra leggera ed equilibrata. Si presenta limpida con schiuma compatta. Al naso regala sentori di miele e fieno, mentre in bocca il cereale domina con una punta di fiori donata dal luppolo. La bevuta e facile e scorrevole.

Still water carafe€ 3,00

1 lt

Sparkling water carafe€ 3,00

0,75 lt

Coca-Cola€ 4,00

in vetro / in glass bottle

Coca-Cola Zero€ 4,00

in vetro / in glass bottle

Gazzosa Lurisia€ 4,00
Orange Soda Lurisia€ 4,00
Fever Tree Tonica Indian€ 5,00
Fruit juice in bottle€ 3,50


Orange juice€ 3,50
Cinzano Bianco Dry€ 7,00


Martini Bianco€ 5,00


Cinzano Rosso€ 5,00


Oban€ 6,00


Tallysker€ 7,00


Laugaulin€ 8,00


Glendalough€ 8,00

Irish whiskey – Single Malt – 13anni

Grappa OF€ 7,00

Grappa Torbata

Grappa Bianca€ 6,00


Zacapa€ 8,00

Rum da degustazione

El Dorado€ 8,00

Rum da degustazione

Ilegal Mezcal€ 9,00

distillato di Agave

Nero di Como€ 6,00

Liquirizia e miele di Como

Baileys€ 6,00

Irish Cream

Montenegro€ 5,00


Amaro del Capo€ 5,00


Branca Menta€ 5,00


Fernet Branca€ 5,00


Vecchia Romagna€ 5,00


Grand Marnier€ 5,00


Sambuca€ 5,00


Caffè€ 2,00
Caffè Americano€ 3,00
Caffè corretto€ 3,00
Caffè doppio€ 4,00
Caffè lungo€ 2,00
Caffè lungo macchiato€ 2,00

caldo o freddo

Caffè macchiato€ 2,00

caldo o freddo

Cappuccino€ 3,50
Caffè freddo€ 4,50


Decaffeinato€ 3,00
Ginseng€ 3,00

Grande o piccolo

Orzo€ 3,00

Grande o piccolo

Cioccolata€ 4,00
Cioccolata con panna€ 4,50
The Caldo€ 4,00

Setting: Flowers and bread …. € 3,50